Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another success in Nevada!

Just got back from our first Road Shows of the season. 4 in a row in Nevada no less. What a great way to start a season. We met face to face with thousands while there, I even remembered some of the standouts from our last visit there and they even brought new people with them.

Southwest Gas District office then The Hard Rock, US Airways and last but not least the Southwest Gas Corporate office. It was great to meet so many fun people. We really appreciate the awesome reception that we received by all, its a lot of hard work for for my team as well as our dedicated Merchant Partners and these people absolutely made it all worth it.

It was also really cool to meet all the people that we had only known on the phone. There's so many people to thank for making this thing happen that I will need another Blog page to do it, so look for it later in the week but for now, You all rock!

We took lots of fun pictures and we'll get them up on the page as quick as possible. Check out the past events category towards the end of the week to see if you're there.

Thank everyone of you who took your time to visit with us, we really appreciate it!!!

See you in the Spring...

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