Single? There's a holiday for you too!

Did you know that apparently "Single's Awareness Day" is an actual holiday the day AFTER Valentine's Day? Hey, couples get a day, so why can't single people? Most likely you are ecstatic because your wallet is fatter, and you can watch those weird reality shows without judgement - or maybe you are just holding out for Leonardo DiCaprio to realize you're his soulmate (like me). Either way, we think you'll enjoy these suggestions to pamper yourself and enjoy the single life.

Spa day anyone? Everyone needs a massage, don't even try to deny it! We have a few spa specials all over the valley, so take your pick! Our True Rest Float Spa gift card gets you one relaxing flotation therapy session for half the retail price. Check out their website to see what a session entails. 

Dedicated to singles is an activity program called Adventures 2000. Don't roll your eyes yet - it's not a dating service! Wine tasting, hiking, concerts, sporting events - pretty much anything, and you have a ton of potential new friends or even special someone, if you're into that kinda thing. Best of all, they're offering a free one month membership to Employee Network members. Talk about no commitment! Pun intended.

Adventures 2000 March Event Calendar

If you want to get away for a bit, Best Singles Travel is a similar service, but offers bigger products such as cruises or international vacation packages. Or maybe just try them out on a weekend trip - either way, go have some fun relaxing, doing some pre-planned stuff, and meet some new friends!