Friday, September 19, 2014

EVERYDAY Living, how can you save money just sitting at home??


Don't forget about that “ END OF YEAR TAX CREDIT OPPORTUNITY"! 

There are still federal (30%) and state ( $1,000) credits available, and we can have your system installed before the end of the year…

When you purchase Solar, you'll receive the Tax Credits, increase the value of your home (without the liability of a lease), and can reduce your electric bills by 80-90 %...” 

Visit Advanced Energy Systems and see how you can receive all the savings and rewards!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's already September...Are you Scared yet???


Universal Studios HHN November 1st, 2014 E-ticket

Starting as early as September 19th, 2014! After 80 years of blood-curdling horror film production, Universal Studios brings you the most terrifying 360 degree Halloween event in Los Angeles with More Dead Than Ever! This year, experience an all-new nightmare featuring scares from some of Hollywood's most terrifying movies, TV shows and music at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights® 2014. Visit our site now for the Best Discounted Tickets that will Scare your Socks off!!