Monday, January 30, 2017

Meet Kenai, the Newest Beluga Calf at SeaWorld San Antonio

On August 11, 2016, a new addition joined the SeaWorld San Antonio beluga whale family. Named, Kenai, after the Kenai Peninsula and the Kenai Fjords in Alaska, this male beluga has been busy growing and developing over the past few months, as well as developing a strong relationship with the animal care staff.
Kenai was 155 pounds when he was born and is now more than 350 pounds. He is healthy and nursing from his mother Luna., who is doing a great job caring for him. Kenai will nurse from and be cared by his mom for about the first two years of his life before he becomes independent. Once weaned,  Kenai’s diet will be similar to the other beluga whales...and in case you weren’t sure about what beluga whales eat, it includes fish and mollusks.
SeaWorld’s trainers and animal care staff have spent day and night with this amazing animal over the past few months, and are seeing Kenai’s personality really develop.
According to the team, he is a very curious beluga who enjoys playing and interacting with his trainers, as well as various Environmental Enrichment Devices (let’s face it, he loves playing with toys!). Kenai is also developing relationships with other belugas in the SeaWorld San Antonio pod and spends time with his brother, 3-year-old Samson, as well as the female beluga whales.
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