Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Employee Network completes the Spring Road Shows!

Another season down and what a season it was! The Employee Network and their awesome Merchant Partners shine in the glory of what might be the best Road Show Season ever. "We finished up in our 1st event ever at Lockheed Martin yesterday" said Steve Kogan President/Founder of The Employee Network. It was a great day as they were welcomed with open arms by the employees of this great company. "I don't know how many of them we saw but it was a lot" said Steve. They even parked The little Red Car in front of the guard shack with the lights and music blaring.

The events went off without a hitch this season. No catastrophes, injuries or equipment damage and the Merchant Partners were quite pleased with the new procedure changes. Steve says there are more changes coming before the next season as well. Its time to get back to the basics with a good old fashioned keep it simple routine.

Nevada Road Shows went well too. First was City of Henderson and then 2 at Southwest Gas with our finish at US Airways. Steve said "It was a tough week but we all had a great time with great showings of employees at all". All three are already requesting to schedule a fall date. Hard Rock Hotel is tentatively set for September 24th. The fall Nevada Road Shows will be huge as will be Arizona's already huge upcoming schedule.

The Employee Network has made some great additions as well this season. Like the brand new VIP Membership Card that was introduced at the Nevada Road Shows. This will give new members a sense of belonging while they share the Employee Network brand with Nevada. The Employee Network's 1st order of 18,000 high quality plastic, all black, VIP cards will be distributed freely at all Road Show Events from here on.

The web pages have been re-designed with the nav bar broken out. This will keep the clicks down while cumbersome category searching will be no more. "Its a lot more to look at but ultimately I believe our Merchant Partners will benefit", said Steve. They are still working on some of the category names as a work in progress. The colors of the pages will change over the next couple of weeks as well to give a more updated look.

This new blog has been installed on the site. The Employee Network will use the Blog to talk about events, share ideas, and brag about their Merchant Partners. This will add to the already high Google Rating making The Employee Network even more relevant to the World Wide Web communities.

If you have not visited their web sites in the last couple of weeks, make a point to do so now. If you see something they did not, drop a line to Andrea or Steve, they'll appreciate it. Also, check out the Past Events Category, you'll find all the event pictures are posted up to date including the Lockheed Martin event. Enjoy the summer!

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