Monday, July 27, 2009

Steve & Tena's SanDiego Zoo excursion

While I feel one more trip out of the heat is in order before Fall, let me tell you about the last of our San Diego excursion.

As you know we did SeaWorld, but we also visited The San Diego Zoo too. Tena and I had a great time while also hanging out with our friend W.. What a crack up, those of you who know our buddy can only imagine. We got there in the morning and started off with a nice bus tour of the park. We sat up on top but we probably could have seen more down below. After that we were all hungry so we went to Albert's Restaurant in the zoo. It offers full service fine dining and includes open-air deck seating overlooking a private waterfall. I had a really great flat iron steak sandwich.

Did not have time to go on the sky ride which was inclusive in our tickets. We should have done that first and headed to the other side of the park and worked our way back. I make that mistake every time we go. Our tickets also include the shuttle which is a bus that lets you get off in the areas that you want to visit and then picks you to go to next area of choice. i would have been happier doing the shuttle thing and not doing the Bus Tour.

The one big thing that I wanted to see was the brand new Elephant Odyssey exhibit. They put huge dollars into this deal and its awesome to see. Reminded me of the movie Jurassic Park the way they built it. You need to check it out.

Just in case you want to know where we stayed, we chose Mission Plaza Hotel & Suites by SeaWorld. Its one of our newer Merchant Partners so we thought we would give it ago. Right down the street from SeaWorld so it was convenient to where we wanted to be. We, in Steve and tena fashion stayed in one of the suites. It was cool because the bedroom was separate from the rest of the room and it had no windows. It was quiet and DARK. It was hard to get up in the morning as we were so comfi. The front desk people were friendly and helpful. There is a pool, work out facility and a restaurant on site. I will tell you that there was a bar b que place across the street that looked awesome. We saw people lined up around the building all day and into the later evening.

We also drug W. on a bay cruise in the afternoon, we drank to much but we were on vacation! It was cool to see all the military ships up close. You will definitely have a new respect for our Navy when you get that close. Speaking of getting close if you want to get so inspired that you can't help but feel our Stars and Stripes, go spend the day on the Midway Aircraft Carrier, you'll go away with a new respect, I promise.

Well, another great time down as we try to get some down time in before the Road Show season is again upon us. If you want some awesome Mexican food, email me and I'll share my new favorite place in Old Town and the name of my new best buddy the bar manager.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Steve & Tena's San Diego travels

Another installment of Steve & Tena's travels. Recently we decided to get over to San Diego for a few days. In little more than a 5 hour drive we were there. The weather was awesome so we decided that we should 1st go to SeaWorld and then San Diego Zoo.
We were so happy to be out of the heat. I was also pleased at how much easier it was to get a cold adult beverage at SeaWorld than I had remembered. I noticed that the park was busy but not busy enough that we really ever had to stand in lines for more than a couple of minutes. That's kind of a treat.
We've been to SeaWorld quite a few times over the years. I never knew that you could go into the stables to see the Clydesdale Horses. We were both amazed that you could walk right up and touch them. Can't believe we never went in there before.
I wanted to go on Journey to Atlantis which is a really cool water ride but Tena was to chicken. We did walk through the childrens area, it looks like a blast. She wouldn't let me play in there either.
Well I'll talk to you some more later about San Diego Zoo but let me tell you, if you haven't been to SeaWorld for awhile, GO! I'm not sure you will ever again be able to be there with such light crowds. Don't forget, we have discounted tickets for ya here at The Employee Network and a second visit is free. If you don't know, we can email these tickets to you in a matter of hours and you get to take them right to the gate and that means no line for tickets!