Customer FAQ: How do I order....?

Do I need an Employee Network membership card?
If you have an Employee ID card, then you do not. Most of the time you can simply ask for your Employee Network discount and show them your Employee ID to verify your membership. If you do not have an Employee ID card, then a membership card is needed to verify your membership and redeem local discounts.

How do I order my Employee Network membership card?
There are multiple ways to do this. 
1. On our website, please click on the "Treasure Chest" button on the top of the page. You will see a Categories box on the left side of the page. Click on 'Extra Shipping' and follow the instructions to check out.
2. Attending an Employee Network road show event at your company
3. Visiting our Tempe office located at 136 W. Orion St., Suite D-9, Tempe, AZ 85283
4. Sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the above address

In all cases, you will need to provide verification of your membership by emailing or mailing a copy of your employee ID badge, or referencing your work email address.

My company is not a corporate partner. Can I still be a part of the program?
Yes! Simply visit our Treasure Chest and purchase an annual membership card for $25. We will date the card to expire after one year. After receiving your card, you are eligible for all the discounts our vendors offer.

How Do I Create an Account?
Visit our website and choose your state accordingly.  Then, click on the button that says “Treasure Chest.”  Underneath the scrolling picture banner it states “New Customer? Click here to create an account!”  Click on this link then scroll down to “New? Please provide…”  Fill in the areas for your company, name, address, etc. and click on submit. 

To update your information, log into your Treasure Chest Account and at the top of that window above "Welcome to The Employee Network Treasure Chest" the third tab over says "My Account."  Click on that tab and it will list your options of changing your account information.

How Do I Order...?
On our website's home page, you can search via the search box on the top right for the company you are looking for, or you can browse through the categories located on the left hand side of our home page. Each company display page will tell you exactly how to redeem your Employee Network discount. Many times, you may book online through the link provided to redeem your discount with the discount already applied to your purchase. Please check before planning any trips on how to redeem our vendors' discounts.

When purchasing items through our Treasure Chest, please provide a work e-mail address OR a copy of your employee ID card OR your Employee Network membership card. You may also visit our Tempe office to purchase certain items, including theme park tickets and movie passes. Please note that some theme park tickets can ONLY be delivered via e-mail.

Can I buy multiple items in one order?
Yes! Simply add all the items you want to your Treasure Chest shopping cart, then click Check Out when you have finished shopping. 

Can I send orders via E-mail?
If you fill out a ticket request and do not have access to a fax machine, you may e-mail your requests to If you NEED to hand-write your order please make sure it is very clear to read or we will not process it.

What is the processing time for tickets?
Many times we can process your request the same day. However, please verify our hours of operation and our event schedule. On event days, it may take more than a day to process your order due to having less staff in the office. In any case, please allow AT LEAST 2 business days to process in case of billing information errors or a high volume of orders. If you request to have your tickets mailed, the standard shipping time is about 3-7 business days. Priority shipping is available as well and usually takes 1-2 business days to be delivered to you. You may pick up many ordered tickets from our Tempe office any time we are open.

Are your tickets taxed?
The only taxed tickets are a select few HARD tickets. For E-tickets, the price listed is the price you pay. Taxed items include Golfland Sunsplash, Wildlife World Zoo, Out of Africa Wildlife Park, Verde Canyon Railroad, Amazing Jake's and annual membership cards.

What are E-tickets and How Do I Use Them?
E-tickets are sent directly to your e-mail address. The price listed is what you pay. You have to print them out in order to redeem them for entry into the parks. If you do not have a printer and would like us to print them for you, we can do that if you visit our Tempe office. Your e-tickets will be sent almost immediately from us or from the company after we have processed your order. You will know if we have processed your order when you receive a delivery confirmation from us OR a charge to your credit card.

I didn't receive my e-tickets. What do I do?
If you ordered through the Treasure Chest, then we will send you a Delivery confirmation via e-mail after we have processed your order. If you have received this e-mail and no tickets, please call or e-mail us so we can re-send your tickets or your confirmation code. Personal e-mails are best because work e-mails sometimes have issues receiving tickets. 
If you did not order through our Treasure Chest, please verify on your banking statement that we have processed your order. If we have not, and your order has not been processed after 2 business days, please call or e-mail us to verify that your order was received.

What is our refund policy?
Refunds are on a case-by-case basis. Some tickets cannot be refunded. Please ask in advance if you may need to refund your tickets. Hard tickets can usually be refunded based on condition and expiration date. In order to avoid this issue, please check with the vendor to verify that they will be open during the time you plan to visit. Please call us if you would like to refund your tickets.

Can I give my tickets to a non-member to use?
Yes, but we still need an employee ID or e-mail address of a member to process the tickets. Please keep in mind that if tickets are lost, the cardholder who purchased the tickets may need to be present to redeem new tickets.

Can't I just show my Employee ID to get the discounts?
In almost ALL cases, you have to pre-purchase your tickets through The Employee Network. For places that do not require tickets, please visit our website and view the vendors' policies on honoring our discounts. 

How Do I Participate in the QR Code Contests?
You or a friend or family member have to possess a smart phone in order to participate. Download a free QR Scanner App and simply scan the QR code on the back of your Employee Network membership card to enter the contest or view current specials.