The Number's Talk, and the Changes Follow.

  Here at The Employee Network, we strive for challenges and seek any improvements we can get our hands on. Then when Steve walks into the office with a big smile on his face, there it was, our successes in fine print. We are just inches away from passing 5.8 MILLION hits on our Website, for just June alone!!!!
  Soon after containing our excitement, we put our heads together in how we should adjust to the popularity and better service our Member's. In conclusion, we have decided these adjustments will be Expedited Ticket Orders and Extend Office Hours.

The OLD: We had implemented Treasure Chest Purchases to be 1-3 Business Days for processing and Office Hours from 9-5pm, Monday thru Friday.
The NEW: The Employee Network now offers the turn around on Treasure Chest purchases to ONE BUSINESS DAY and New Office Hours are 8:30am to 5pm Monday thru Friday!

We are very excited to better service You and hopefully reach out to more and more Members. Know this, we are in to win it. So don't hesitate to reach out to us. Questions, Comments, Concerns.... We are Here!!!!
The Employee Network